1916: Verdun is a brutal game of attrition, maneuver and administration. Players each command numerous divisions and must judiciously burn resources in order to outlast their opponent. Players must plan operations in advance in order to maximize what they have available, but most plans usually disintegrate in face of the enemy. Despite its size and short rule-length, this is a fairly complex, granular game with numerous excruciating decisions to be made by both players.

A copy of 1916 comes with:

  • 1 9x6x1.75 box

  • 2 6 sided dice

  • 1 22x17” map

  • 140 extra thick .5 inch counters

  • 2 Player Aids

  • 1 Rulebook


  • 12.5 miles per hex

  • 2750-3000 men per Strength Point

  • Each Battery approximately 1 Ordinance Point.

  • 10 x 1 month turns.

WEIGHT: 7/10

Designed by Ray Weiss
Developed by Matt Ward
Counter Art & Box Art by Ivan Caceres
Map art by Tim Allen

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1916: Verdun


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