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2024 Plan

2024 Plan

Posted by Tim Densham on 30th Nov 2023

2024 Plan…

Here’s our current plan for new games in 2024. Which we have no expectation that we’ll actually follow, but like most any plan or OPORD, it acts as a common basis for change.

February-March is the release for Crisis in Korea, 2 minigames by Sebastian Bae about the near future of North Korea.

Spring should be Lonely Cairn, by Mike Haught, a solo game about the failed attempt to find the North West Passage.

Summer will be Conflict of Wills: Arabian Struggle, by Tim Uren and Nick Porter. This is the 3-way (can play with just 2 players) struggle that created Saudi Arabia.

Fall will bring Insurgency: Algeria, a super-quick asymmetric card game about the Algerian rebellion.

However, we might slip in Martin’s next Campaign series game, Campaign: Operation Bagration. This is part of the BGG 2023 PnP Wargame contest. 

So here's to planning, and then seeing what really happens!