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"State of Catastrophe & Valor: 2023"

Posted by Tim Densham on 30th Jan 2024

Greetings members of this august assembly. Prepare for our annual status report!First of all we are combining both Catastrophe Games and Valor Mountain together for the overall status of the company.& … read more
2024 Plan

2024 Plan

Posted by Tim Densham on 30th Nov 2023

2024 Plan…Here’s our current plan for new games in 2024. Which we have no expectation that we’ll actually follow, but like most any plan or OPORD, it acts as a common basis for change.February-Marc … read more
A smaller Sadr City???

A smaller Sadr City???

Posted by Tim Densham on 25th Feb 2023

Zurmat was just highlighted by The Player's Aid for being one ot the best wargames for 2022. You can learn more about that by watching their video below:The Player's Aid 2022 Top TenOne of the questio … read more
“State of the Catastrophe Address for 2023”

“State of the Catastrophe Address for 2023”

Posted by Tim Densham on 28th Jan 2023

Greetings members of the Catastrophe! It's the time of the year to expound on the happenings of the last year, and our plans for the next. Games published in 2022- Zurmat Stonewall Uprising … read more

Campaign: Fall Blau

Posted by Tim Densham on 21st Oct 2022

I discovered Conquest: Fall Blau on BGG's 2020 print and play contest. I loved the artwork, and the game time and gameplay really was a good fit for Catastrophe Games. Others thought highly of the gam … read more