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“State of the Catastrophe Address for 2023”

“State of the Catastrophe Address for 2023”

Posted by Tim Densham on 28th Jan 2023

Greetings members of the Catastrophe!

It's the time of the year to expound on the happenings of the last year, and our plans for the next.

Games published in 2022-


Stonewall Uprising

Games to be published 2023 from 2022 Kickstarters-

Campaign: Fall Blau

Games we plan to crowdfund in 2023-

Rule the Waves, solo about English sea captain's voyages in the age of sail

Lonely Cairn, the failed attempt to find the Northwest Passage (solo)

Sadr City, the urban version of Zurmat

If things go well, we might crowdfund for:

Scarper, the entire WW1 war on the Western Front (2 player)

True Command, a brigade/division command level game set in WW2


Slight growth from crowdfunding compared to last year, but we tripled our web sales. Very happy to see that. Also saw substantial growth from retailers reselling our games, also very promising. Overall, 35% increase in sales dollars. 

Plans for 2023

We learned a lot in 2022. Stonewall was easily our biggest Kickstarter campaign, but part of those sales came from an outside marketing company that in the end cost us more money than the sales generated. Stonewall also dominated our time and effort, most of which was focused on the art. The game looked great in the end, but turned out to be a very expensive production.

For 2023 we’ve hired an artist and have started a line of non-historical games (Valor Mountain). We’ve already seen an increase in product tempo for our work now that we have an artist on board, so we are also hiring a part-time game developer. If things work out as we hope we should see significant increase in sales and in the number of games offered, both factors that support each other.