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"State of Catastrophe & Valor: 2023"

Posted by Tim Densham on 29th Jan 2024

Greetings members of this august assembly. Prepare for our annual status report!

First of all we are combining both Catastrophe Games and Valor Mountain together for the overall status of the company. 

Games Published in 2023-

Campaign: Fall Blau

Rule the Waves

Mango Cabana

Games to be published in 2024 from 2023 Kickstarter:



Clearly Kickstarter was down, a lot. We only had 1 KS for Catastrophe, and that was a reskin of another KS from a couple years back, Rule the Waves. This was due to a lot of factors, most of which involved Tim being involved in a number of different things that took time away. Critically the fall is a time that normally slows down and we are able to launch a KS, but Tim had a rough fall (death in the family, commercial property drama, major house expenses). So a very slow year for crowdfunding for us.

On the positive note, web sales continue to climb, while retailer sales really took off. We expect both these efforts to grow in 2024 as 2 of our historical lines should see a second game release.