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Farewell but not goodbye

Farewell but not goodbye

Posted by Tim Densham on 24th May 2021

Well, we've had a good run EU... But I'm afraid it is time for a trial separation.

You say (demand) that I collect VAT up front, when I make a sale. But can't it wait? Can't we just hang out, just a little bit more? No? You sure? 

Apparently not. Starting 1 July the party's over then. We had some good times...

So where do my friends stand on this? Kickstarter, you started this, you got us together, can't you help make this right? Hello, Kickstarter, hello? Well, no help there, thanks a lot for 'nuthin!

I'll never forget you. If something changes, if there's a threshold limit instead, like the old days, I'll be back, you watch! 


(miss you already)

The Hellcat


If you read through all that are asking yourself, WTF?

Starting 1 JUL the EU requires crowdfunders to collect VAT at the point of sale, with no threshold amount. Kickstarter has no system in place to allow that, so until someone comes up with a solution for small companies like us we will not be able to sell in the EU.