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The Gamefound Experiment

The Gamefound Experiment

17th Jul 2021

Hello everyone!

We used a pledge manager for the USS Laffey Kickstarter for the first time. We did this for a couple of reasons.

1. Gamefound only charges about 2.5% for the sales made on their website, while Kickstarter charges almost 10%. So every shipping charge and additional merchandise sale saved us 7.5%, so that's a big deal.

2. Gamefound is actively working on a method to charge EU VAT upfront, which is now a requirement for the EU. For whatever reason, Kickstarter has not shown any interest in helping with that. So we used this as an opportunity to figure things out with Gamefound.

However... it has not been easy! Many of you have noted that Gamefound is not the easiest of interfaces. If you think its tough at your end, imagine trying to set the campaign up! Lots of emails and chats and Discord time trying to get things to work out.

In the end, there were a number of people that still needed more assistance. Finally, we just created a workaround by selling shipping on our own website. That went well, so well we might not need a pledge manager for our Kickstarter backers in the future. 

Thank you for backers!