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16 Ounces

A one-shot RPG about a mystical camping trip!

You and your scout troop have just arrived at Camp Geode, an old scout camp that suddenly shut down some 40 years ago and has just reopened.  The camp sites are a bit overgrown, and there’s a rival scout group staying here that is very determined to win the annual scout rally at the end of the month, however, you and your friends are also very determined to have a good time and earn some scout badges. 

While setting up for the first night, you hammer in your final tent stake and… you hit something hard.  You pull the stake out to find that there was a geode buried underneath that you hammered into a busted open!  You know that geodes are little rocks, dull on the outside, that are filled with tiny crystals on the inside, but this one looks a bit different.  The now exposed crystals sparkle, seeming to almost glow, and as you pick it up to take a closer look, a surge of power flows through you!

However, watch out because each geode has a limited amount of power that is stored up in it.  Once it is used up, it cannot be recharged (without VERY special means)!  You’ll need to find another one or get creative and find some other means to meet your goals.  Balance your power usage with your team, combo up powers with your friends, and take on the challenges of Camp Geode!

EnerGeodes was written as part of the Hack It!  3d6D TTRPG Jam and uses the 3d6D SRD by Lucky Newt Games with some tweaks.  It also includes 12 plot starters that range from casual summer camp fun to action-packed saving the world adventures.   There are also 12 pre-filled geode cards and a page of create your own cards so can make up your own powers!

Have fun, and... use your powers wisely!