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USS Laffey: The Ship That Would Not Die

35 Ounces

USS Laffey is a solo game of damage control as you desperately scramble to survive the most determined Kamikaze attacks of World War II. You will re-enact the harrowing 80 minutes of terror and mayhem the crew of the Laffey went through as they fought off 22 Japanese planes. The Japanese aircraft you face in the game are the same four types (Val, Judy, Kate, and Oscar) in the same order of attack.  

Close up on turn order and Japanese attackers

        Each turn roll dice to determine what your options are, choose where to send your damage control teams to compartments that offer unique abilities, and make painful decisions of what part of the ship needs your help and what you choose to leave up to fate.

Close up on ship compartments

      Although created as a solitaire game, there is also a cooperative 2-4 player variant included in the ruleset that allows you and a few of your friends to each command a Sumner class destroyer in the same squadron. You will assign your Damage Control Teams on your own ship as normal, but will also be able to use your 5-inch guns to shoot at enemy aircraft attacking your friends’ ships as well collaborate to send F4U Corsairs from the USS Shamrock to help other ships in need.    

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